Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Miss my Med. Tech. Days

I was cleaning stuff in my bedroom when I chanced upon my old medical books way back in college. I dusted it a little bit and brought it back to the storage box but it sure did remind me of the many beautiful memories while I was still studying Medical Technology and the days where we had our internship at different hospitals.

There are lots of medical terms that I don't know anymore maybe because my mind is rusty enough to remember all of them. Those days that I spent in the laboratory testing different human samples, getting blood from patients,learning about male enhancement products, sleeping for only few hours during duty times are just some of the memories that are always stuck in my mind.

Now that I'm not working as a Med. Tech., there are times I'm thinking where am I when I pursued that profession. Anyway, I'm happy with my work now and I just missed my Med. Tech days.

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