Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moving Companies Can Cost You Big Bucks - But They're Worth It

Lots of people move every year. They go because of jobs, to be closer to family, or just because they've always dreamed of living somewhere else. Who hasn't thought about moving at some point? Everyone knows someone who's moved to his or her town from somewhere else, too. People all over the place are transplants from other places. You may be one of them - and the chances are high that you'll move again in your lifetime. If you do, make sure to consider the moving companies out there very carefully. They aren't all the same, and you'll want to get the best one at the lowest price.

Ask how much it'll cost, but make sure you don't just accept a verbal quote over the phone as the gospel. A good company will come to your house and look at everything you have. Then they'll give you an estimate in writing, so you'll know for sure what the price will be. They usually base it, not so much on the volume of items, but on the weight - which is why they need to come to your house and take a look at your stuff. Make sure you read any contract thoroughly before you sign it. There could be extra, hidden fees that you'll want to avoid.

Also, check around to find out about the moving company's reputation. If it's not a good one, you might want to go elsewhere… even if you have to pay a little bit more. Essentially, you'll be buying peace of mind. It's hard to put a price on that, but it's still very important. Don't overlook other people's opinions of moving companies. Sure, there are bound to be some people who will complain about everything, but a little bit of research can keep you from getting financially burned.

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