Monday, May 14, 2007

Election Day

So have you voted today to exercise your rights as a citizen? I do. After goin to the grocery with my aunt and the rest of us in the nearby mall it was already 2:30 pm when we got to the precinct to vote. Although it was only 30 mins before poll's closing time but there were people rushing in the school to cast their votes.

We were greeted my people handing us election sample ballots and some are still encouraging us to vote for that certain candidate. We looked for our names in some of the classrooms but we weren't able to see our names so we decided to went straight to the information desk where hey can easily locate our names and precinct numbers.

After that we proceeded at our designated classrooms and we voted. It was a bit easy to vote much of a hassle, i didn't fill all the slots so i just crossed it out. I am sure the candidates were all keeping an eye on their votes as counting will be started as soon as the polling ends.

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