Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm feeling much better now

Oh yeah, it is really hard to have Dyspepsia or commonly known as Indigestion after eating so much. I know i will suffer right after eating a very heavy lunch on Tuesday, who can't resist eating Crispy pata, Grilled Chicken and lots more?. Oh boy it gave me a lil bit of discomfort. I felt bloated and so full eventhough i have not ate any right now. It happened to me before but now i know what kind of medicine to take. I took Motilium after lunch and dinner yesterday and this morning i had it again. I was relieved for a while and i am thankful for that.

I am still burping most of the time, but i can manage it, i feel a lil bit of tummy ache but i feel lot better now, thanks for the medicine. Weeeh that's the prize i got after being a glutton hahahaha. Takaw kasi eh ayan..

Oh BTW Dyspepsia, for those who don't know is a pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen. To know more about it you can read more here.

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