Sunday, May 27, 2007

Under Renovation

I got a new 3 column template for my blog and i'm loving it. I still need to tweak the colors and the header image and i'm all set. I downloaded this template for free from Eleque's Blogger Template . I am also goin to redirect this to my new domain name but for some reason it is not working yet wahhh...


  1. Hi Jen, did you know www.finalsense for templates din ba? Anyway, I am just hopping by. Is your domain name set na ba? Are you going to use it here? My new domain name is up na, you can see it, weird name I chose pero, di ko alam anong dapat gamitin...LOL. Ok ah, regards me.

  2. Hi An, no i haven't been to that pero i will look into their sites for more templates. I saw your new domain and it looks very nice. see yah An

  3. Aba, great job! Jen. Your new domain is working just swell/awsomely. You finally figured it out. Good for you! Thanks for sharing your new domain name. I am glad you have one na rin. Sige till here, have a nice day sa inyo.


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