Monday, May 7, 2007

My baby is here

Yahooooo finally my new baby is here and it is the HP PAVILLION 5058!!!. I am really sooooo happy to finally have it. I have been eyeing this for many months now and gosh it's finally in my hands now. The graphics are awesome, and crystal clear but i do notice that the sound is not that loud anyway here are the

Intel Core 2 Duo
1GB memory (it was only 512mb- free upgrade to 1gb)
160 gb Hard disc ( i wanted 250 but is it not available on that model)
Light scribe DVD CD writer
Windows Vista
17" LCD monitor with built in speaker at both sides
smart media, compact flash, SD/mini/ mobile, ms, pro duo etc.

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(Sorry the pic is not that clear i just took a pic of it with my old digi cam, my new one will come on Monday)

Actually when i went to Greenhills on Saturday i wasn't really buying an HP pc since i have 2nd thoughts about Windows Vista but when i passed the HP store i could not resist to buy it. I told the salesman that i'd only buy it if PS (Photoshop) will work on it and sure enough pscs3 works so i bought it right away. Love my new baby, coz i have worked hard on it. I can scrap and make my designs with ease now!!

I don't like my table though as you can see, so this weekend i will replace it with a nice one.

Aside from my Hp pc we also bought another 5 pc (assembled only) for our internet cafe. I show you the pcs next time once it is finally set up.

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