Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A day at my dentist

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I had an appointment at my dentist the other day bec. my right molar is aching for sometime now bec. the filling was already gone that the hole is already deep. yikes.! My dentist accessed it and she said she can't have it permanently filled using the light cure procedure bec. it was kinda inflamed. What she did was just to put a temporary filling over it and told me to see if it will hurt again.

I had other 3 teeth filled via light cure and there was no pain at all, it was only when she did the cleaning when i started feeling a bit tensed and uncomfortable but it was manageable. My gums was a bit inflamed so she told me to use pyondontil gumpaste for a while to strengthen it.

I will be back in the next 3 weeks to have my teeth cleaned again and to see if my molar will be filled permanently. Gosh to really take care of them now. See look at my teeth now, aren;t they sparkling ??? >>>> lol

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