Friday, April 25, 2008


When it comes to jewelries I can say my sister Joy is a perfect example of a woman who loves wearing them. Why do I say so? She has more than 1 ring on her fingers and they are not just ordinary gold or silver ones because they are diamond rings given by her generous and loving husband Joe. I remember before they got married here in the Phils. Joe gave her one of those beautiful engagement rings that he bought in Australia. Ahh of course my sister melted upon seeing it and oh boy I don’t blame her bec. who can resist that?

He has been giving her rings and other jewelries as gifts I guess for her birthday and for their wedding anniversaries (they are married now for 7 years) and still counting. The latest ring that my sister got was a very beautiful eternity ring, somewhat the same in the picture. She’s really special and well loved by her husband for sure and she makes it a point to wear it often as my broinlaw always looks for it. Ahhh I wish someone can give me one like that; well I guess I just have to wait for my own wedding so I can have one of those wedding rings that married individuals are happily showing off.

I just love browsing online catalogue and I was enthralled with the vast and finest ccollection of Diamond jewelries over at Sparkle and Dazzle Co.. It’s not only Diamond rings that they have but as well as finest saphhire, ruby rings. Women have really wide collections to choose from (if they want to purchase one for themselves) and guys can compare prices and styles and can choose only the best for the woman he loves. Jewelries are not the only thing that can make any women happy but the love the goes with it too.

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