Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For the Love of Art

Our family grew up loving art so much; in fact, my 2 older brothers are visual artists and have joined various local art competitions and contests for paintings, mix media and even photography. One of my older brothers even went to New York in 2002 to have his paintings exhibited and sold at one of the exhibits that they put up. Just recently they joined again in a local competition.

For art enthusiast, one of the best things that they always enjoy is by visiting art galleries so that they can appreciate works of art. One such gallery that any one can go to is at Park West Art Gallery if you are in the US. They are home of the largest collection of arts in the world and is located in Southfield, Michigan. They also conducts auctions throughout the US and Canada and conducts a yearly exhibits of the best works of artists that they have in their collection. Right now they are having a Spring Sale at the gallery and if you are an art collector or enthusiast this is definitely not to be miss.

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