Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good to see my Bes!

I went to see my bestfriend RACE after 3 months since I went for an overseas vacation. I brought along a gift for her son (JOSH) and some chocolates for the kids. Josh was beaming with gladness when he so me and the paper bag that I was holding hehe and I found him looking inside to take a peek at what is inside of Soooo cute.. I gave him the toy and he immediately played with it.

Anyway, it's good to see my bes once again and of course like before it was an endless chitchat, I ate dinner at their house and my favorite fried chicken was served. Yum! It was also nice to see her sister REDGE who is also a friend of mine and I am glad that she is into blogging now, her blog's URL is still a secret for now until she finally finish tweaking it.

It was already midnight when i went home and I am so happy that Race and her hubby gave me a ride back home bec. it is so scary to go home alone.

Note: Photo grabbed from her blog Moments of my Life

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