Saturday, April 19, 2008

For the love of food

Yummy!!! Aren’t those ribs mouth watering and inviting to eat? That is definitely one of my favorite meat dishes and my sister Joy even cooked that for our dinner before I left Sydney on Thursday. It was really delicious, just saw a similar recipe at Food Connect while trying to browse the net and this is definitely easier to prepare than what my sister did to her ribs. Here is the recipe of that baby back ribs and corn that I got from Food Connect and I might share this to sister Joy bec. she loves cooking.

I even signed up (for free) at the site bec. there are many privileges that I can get out of it. Aside from the great food articles that I can read over their site, any member can share their favorite recipe, request for a recipe and they can interact with other food lovers. Isn’t it fun to meet other people who enjoy eating like me? And not to forget there are heaps of food categories to browse from appetizers, cookies, meat, wine, desserts for sweet tooth, sea foods and lots more. For those that are vegetarians they also have something for you. Just one of the interesting things to do is to make your own event planner or just read one from one of the members. Happy eating everyone!

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