Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm back here in Pinas

Wow I can't believe that I am back home again! I still have a hang-over and still feel tired and lazy to go back to my old routine... You know I'm still on my vacation mode hehehe.

Anyway, I had a very tiring 10 hour flight last Thurs. via Qantas airlines. My sister JOYd and my bro inlaw JOE took me at the airport and I was little worried about my luggage being overweight. I am just glad that my check in baggage weighed 23.8 kilos and they allowed it, I still have my hand carry (they didn't weigh it) and my personal back pack.

Our pilot is a woman and on board were stewards (some are pinoys), it was quite nice having to experience an all male steward and a lady pilot for the 1st time bec. they are much attentive to us passengers. The flight was tiring like I said but it is good that my seat mate who is a lady is very talkative and she kept my company.

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