Saturday, April 19, 2008

Calling home is a must

I have 2 sisters who are living abroad for many years now. It’s not good to be away from our loved ones but they have their own family now and found new country to build their dreams and start their lives. Of course my mom would always want to hear from them from time to time so calling them international is a bit a pain in the wallet for us. I remember sometimes I just load credits to my mobile phone and ring them but with the limited time and expensive cost of calling few minutes are just enough to hear from them. It’s sad sometimes especially when you want to talk to them more.

We just refrain from calling but both my sisters are the ones calling us from time to time using a prepaid phone card and not their regular landline phones. These cards are a saving grace since they can call us now more often and for a longer time now. Prepaid phone cards from any country can be bought online now at The site is very easy to navigate and have tons of information about calling cards. There are many cards to choose from so you don’t have any more reasons not to call back home especially for many Filipino Overseas workers. Calling call is just easy and affordable nowadays.

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