Thursday, April 3, 2008

Picnic at Bendeela Picnic Area

We never run out of things to do here as you can notice bec. there are lots of great places to go to here esp. at the country area. It was last Sunday (March 30) when we went for a picnic at Bendeela near Kangaroo Valley. It was about an hour and a half fun but tiring drive. 

It was a windy day but the sun is still up, great for picnic, playing with the kids, kayaking and do some fishing.  I tried to catch a fish here but hmmm not my lucky day, i catch 

The view is awesome so i got tons of pictures as souvenirs, my Australian vacation is about to end in 2 weeks time so i guess i have to savor the last days here. Watch out for more pics !!! Have a great day everyone!!
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