Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Micah at Teen Ranch

I am sure my 13-year-old niece is having a good time at Teen Ranch, where teens will have different activities inside a camp for one whole week. I guess this is her 2nd time to attend such and I hope she’ll be going back home with lots of good lessons that she can use in her life and at home.

Since it is school holidays here her parents thought that it is best for her to join the camp as they also have some religious teachings aside from the sports and physical activities inside. Would you believe that she bought a lot of stuff with her? From clothes, shoes and toiletries. Ahhh teenagers sometimes always want to show off with others. She is quite a bit bothered with her zit on her face that she squeezed it. I scolded her for doing that and I hope she can find the best acne treatment that is right for her bec. I know she will not stop putting anything on her face. I will miss her bec she will not be here when I will leave on Thurs.

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