Monday, November 19, 2012

A Career in Beauty

My mom used to have a small beauty salon when she was still young and having been to one of the graduates of a beauty school in Manila she immediately got a lot of customers. Many have testified that there is not much capital that you need to shell out to put up a salon so I reckon it is a good business to put up esp. if you have a know how about cosmetology or hair styling. These days, you can even buy tons of great cosmetology supplies even on line, so setting up your own salon is never to far away from reality.

Any one can pursue a career in beauty or cosmetology bec. aside from getting lots of supplies for your salon, you can hone your craft by going to schools that are sprouting anywhere. With experienced trainers and high quality services of the cosmetology schools that you can pick,  there’s no wonder that you can bring cosmetology to a whole new level.

If mom still continued her beauty career, I guess still have a salon up to now.

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