Saturday, November 17, 2012

My World with Sophie

My mix breed (Shitzhu and Dauschand) dog Sophie will be turning 4 years old this coming January 2013. I’m just so excited to throw a small party for her just like what I am doing every year. This early, I’m already thinking about what color and design of her cake will be next year. In fact, I’ve been searching the net for cakes that are suited for dogs. I’m already excited and it feels like I’m preparing for a child’s birthday.

Sophie has indeed made my life fun, meaningful and a little less boring. Being single with no kid of my own, I regard my dog Sophie as my daughter just like what other dog lovers do when they love their dogs or pets so much. My day is not complete without seeing her wagging tail and when she lies down on her back to get a belly rub.. so cute! I can also feel that she’s returning the love that I give to her.

I truly am happy that she has come to my life and I just pray that she’ll spend more time we us. I know that time will also come when she will leave me but I am not prepared for that yet. Who will ever be, anyway?

Sophie - Oct. 2011
Just like any other caring mom to dogs, I’m making sure that all her vaccination appointments are done and all her vitamins are bought. Her baby dog book is almost full with all her vet appointments. I remember I was extremely worried when she got sick for a day when she had the toad poisoning few months back. I even cried for she doesn’t want to eat that makes her weak. Thank God, I went to her vet immediately after noticing some changes on her and the doc even said that might lose her if I had not brought her asap. She recovered after few days after taking her medicines that her vet prescribed. Now, I am more conscious and alert when she’s not feeling well or when she’s not in her usual playful self.
Sophie August 2012- few days after her grooming
Sophie is free to roam in our backyard all day but she also gets her much needed walk outside with me within our village from time to time. I have so much to share but you might get board hearing all my dog stories. I know I can share them all at pet forums for it’s an online community for per lovers. I got hooked reading all the member’s interactions and I guess I need to sign up soon.

With all the love that I share and get from my dog Sophie, now, I can’t picture my world without her.

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