Wednesday, November 21, 2012

His Time to Shine

I was greatly overjoyed when I saw my godson few weekends ago. I happened to pass by at their house because of errand and fortunately my godson was jolly and in the mood to show his talents. He is in grade 2 already and I was amazed at how he grew so fast. Anyway, he 1st showed me his car collections even telling me the names of his cars (yes he has given them names!) and I wonder if he really can memorize all the names for there are too Later on, her mom turned on the music and off he goes dancing to the tune of none other than: Gangnam Style. I was really laughing so hard and he invited me to dance with him, which I did. 

That doesn't stop there because after dancing, he went upstairs and got his toy guitar and there he goes strumming the guitar as if he is a rock star. Wow that was a complete performance and I was so happy that he is not shy that day to think he seldom sees me. My cousin told me that he loves music too apart from his cars and who knows in the future they might purchase a guitar for their son as a gift so he'll be more inspired to play and dance.

Kids are just too exuberant all the time. Their energy seems endless and I just wish all kids had the opportunity to be carefree, playful and full of life.

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