Saturday, November 17, 2012

In to my Home Project List

Nothing beats the happiness anyone can get when you have your own home. I know it well because the 1st day that we moved to our new house few years back was just thrilling. The unpacking of the boxes seem so tiring but when we set our feet on our new home, we feel so relieved and ecstatic.

It’s been so many years now and our house was not the same when we first got in. There are also some minor repairs that need to be done. Mom noticed the leaking faucet at the restroom while I saw the door leading to our backyard need some repair as well. These problems need to be address immediately so that they will not become worse.
The re-painting of the wall on all the rooms was done this summer and I’m so happy to have accomplished that home project of mine. Right now, my mom and Ireally need to consider changing the tiles in our kitchen for the chips and the discolorations are already unsightly to see.

I still need to have an ample budget for tile replacement and it’s already impossible for me to have this done before the year ends. If things will go smoothly, by summer (April or May) and if I have saved enough, I’ll have this new project push through. In the meantime, browsing at for flooring and tile inspirations is what I’m planning to do. I also need to consult a friend who has a knowledge about floor tiling.

Keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have this done by next year.

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