Monday, January 16, 2012

I want an iPAd, But do I really Need it?

imageThese days, tablet computers are very popular and a lot of people are dreaming and wishing to have. I certainly want to have one but after much thought, I really don’t need it (yet). I also have 2 desktops, a laptop and an iPhone so getting an iPad is kinda overwhelming already for my needs.

I was talking to my sis over YM this morning and she said she got an iPad2 last Christmas from her hubby and she loves it. But, the thing is she has lots of apple products already: iMac, laptop, iphone 4, ipod, and now the the iPad2 and she’s laughing over it for there are times that they are all open at the same Well, her kids uses them sometimes so it gives her the reason to own lots of gadgets.

Anyway, right now, iPad will just be in my dream wish list..hehe

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  1. Yea agreed. You absolutely do not NEED the internet or all these gadgets. They are in our dire wants. However having a computer is one of the most useful things as well as a cell phone in this day and age. Would I invest 600 dollars in one of these? No. If I was a millionaire. Yes but other than that these are not needed in any way. Keep it on yor wish list bud!


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