Friday, August 15, 2008

: Me and Bro's Art :

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These are the paintings of my 2 brothers that they joined in the GSIS Art Contest few months ago, although they didn't win bec. there are many great entries but of course, we are all proud of their art. They are quite big isn't it,? much taller than me.

Anyway, on the left side is the mini jeepney painting entitled "Ang Jeep ni Tatang", on the right side is entitled "Bituing Naniningning" on the bottom is entitled "Mga Awit at Tula para kay Dolores". Their size are 3 feet x 4 feet (w/o the frame) and they are actually also FOR SALE, so if you are interested just contact me.

NOTE: the picture is somewhat yellowish so it did not give justice to the real colors of the painting. A much clearer view HERE.

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