Friday, August 22, 2008

: The best way to bond with the family :

One of the most enjoyable days of my life is every time is when I get to travel overseas and really take pleasure in it since it is not always that it will happen. It’s almost every 2 years that I was able to spend holidays with my sister and her family in Aussie land and all of the places that we have been to were all memorable and can never be forgotten. I consider myself lucky to have spent a vacation, all expenses paid and it was truly amazing.

I also have many relatives (father side) in the US mostly in Los Angeles area and my ultimately dream is to be able to pack my luggage and fly there to visit all the famous tourist spots and places that they are always boasting about. I bet Disneyland is a perfect place to start as I know not only kids will enjoy but as well as adults, I would love to be there in the future.

It’s always nice to take a vacation with the whole family as it one of the ways to have bonding time as a family. What a better way to spend a day at a theme park like in the Knotts Berry Farm, where discounted are easily available at Trusted Tours & Attractions online . This once a beery farm was transformed into one of the world class theme parks in the US where the whole family can enjoy with all the activities that they offer and that includes Camp Snoopy and the trilling roller coaster rides. Ahh a perfect place to unwind and just be fun. So by the way if you are planning your next vacation there you can browse for Los Angeles tour or San Francisco tours to get you going. If you also need help this online travel guides can make your travel a breeze. <>

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