Monday, August 25, 2008

: This Should Not Happen :

My Smart Bro ISp partially went down on last week leaving me with only few sites and blogs to browse. It was really annoying bec. I have lots of sites to visit and it's not really loading. I called their technical support and as usual they assure me that this is only temporary and they will look into it fast. They helped me configure some things on my computer and it helped a bit but later on my i can't surf again. I am just glad that friendster and yahoo are working since those are the sites that my customers are always browsing.

Thurs. the technician came and configures settings and all and it was ok again but last Sunday before lunch, we tried it but OMG there's really no connection at all. I spent another an hour or so at the phone with the technical people and I just keep my cool. I told them to fix it asap as I badly needed the net. I am glad that I have net connection today and I got a ring from smart that they'd adjusted or had fixed it already and told me to monitor the connection within 24 hours. I hope i will not loose my connection once again as it annoying and causing too much hassle on my part.

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