Saturday, August 23, 2008

: They moved their factory :

Sis JoyD told us lately that their Benchtops Factory has moved into a new and better location but still in near the Chippingnorton area. They specialize in laminated kitchen benchtops and serve the Sydney area. It’s no joke to move a factory to a new location since it will require a lot of packing and unpacking, I am not sure though if they got a truck rental to moved all the factory’s supplies and machinery. Just read on her blog that she helped with the cleaning, dusting and other preparations.

My bro in law is very hardworking and running that kind of business is quite stressful and demanding at times. I wish my sister Joy will also learn the ins and outs of their business so that they’ll both manage it although sis have been doing some paper works or bill payments for their company.

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