Tuesday, August 26, 2008

: TEXT Scammers will not stop :

Hay naku.......(with a deep sign).... Scammers will never stop trying to scam people. Just this afternoon, I got a text msg. from a number whom i don't know and here is what is in the text
D' auditors of PGMA Charity Foundation inform u dat ur celfon nos. won P950,000 2nd prize winner , draw last Aug. 25,'08 Pls. call me now Atty. ROLDAN G. REYES contact no. 0909-6941531. "
Of course this is an old modus operandi being used by SCAMMERS using text messages to people. When you call that number for sure he will ask you to maybe load a cellphone credits to his phone, or will ask you to meet him up and will holdap you, or maybe he will ask you to deposit a certain amount to his bank account to facilitate the processing of your prize... AHHHH... it's an old scam.. (style nila bulok). Hello they are even using PGMA to make it look legit or something. Sighhhhh...

Scammers will try it bec. someone might fall on their tactics, SO BEWARE of this and don't get fooled and scammed! Just take note: You will not win in any raffle or draw when you didn't join.

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