Saturday, August 9, 2008

: Goodbye Internet Explorer ! :

Need I say more? I have been alternately using IE and Firefox for years now and just last week my friendship with IE already ended hehe. I just hate IE so much bec. it gives errors and some sites/blogs would not display good. To keep myself away from being annoyed, I decided to kick and let Firefox eat my IE! lol

With my desire to enhance my browsing pleasures, I also downloaded Opera 9.51 last week and I used it side by side with FireFox 3, way way much better than IE. Features of Opera: I just love Opera's magic wand where you can instantly log in say for example Yahoo mail etc. NOTE: This is only good if you are using your own computer and not sharing with anyone!) I also love the Speed Dial that gives you a quick access to your favorite website. There are about 9 slots and I am using all of them and I having a quick time.

Meanwhile, i also upgraded toFF3 about just 2 weeks ago and true enough it is one good version, it works faster on my computer and the colorful tabs add on is so cute that I have now color coded tabs. I also installed the EntreBar entredopping much easier. So far right now, both browsers are doing really g

I am also encouraging my net cafe customers to refrain from using IE and train themselves using Firefox. I have learned that many are still used in using IE since this is the default browser on all windows computers. Some people also don;t even know what Mozilla firefox is hehe.

Anyway, have you made a permanent switch??

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