Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Nutty Cravings

Hmmm I am actually craving for something salty today and immediately nuts came into my head. There's a store that sells all kinds of nuts nearby my shop and I have to ask my nephew to run an errand for me in a while. I just love those crunchy peanuts plus the cornick, it is perfect to eat it right now while he weather is a bit cold due to typhoon Karen. Oh I also love those pili nuts, awww i don;t think i can find one near our area now.

The only worry that I have is that if i eat too much of nuts, in a matter of 1 day my zits will come out immediately. That is how sensitive my oily face is when i eat nuts or peanut butter. I just let my zits break out, i don't like to prick it bec. it'll only leave a scar, i also don't put any acne cream in it. I don't know but for the longest time i'll have breakout when I eat peanuts.

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