Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's in my bag?

Curious Joy( my sister) wants to know what's inside my simple bag. I told here i'm not going to show my other abubots here ahaha. There's my Julia bag that i bought only at Galleria, not a designer bag but love all the pockets where i can put all my stuff and a spacious space inside. I also love a big bag that can carry all my belongings.

Nothing really much inside, just the basics, a wallet that a cousin from US gave, a Nokia phone and an Oakley sunglass given by my bro in law when I visited Australia last time. My NineWest keychain that i bought few years ago, a hair doctor, may fan (can't go out w/o it) and lipsticks usut avon and maybelline etc.

There you go, I want to see what's in you bag too so feel free to snag this tag.

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