Wednesday, August 6, 2008

: Shoot, shoot and shoot :

If you’re gonna ask me, if I love taking pictures, I’d definitely tell answer a big yes. Ever since I was in highschool I am already fascinated with photos. Some people just wanted to take pictures but for me I love seeing my face on photos and not just me behind the camera. My 1st digital camera was a n old Vivitar camera given by a friend from the US. The 2nd one was a Canon point and shoot camera given as a gift last year from my uncle and aunt who came home from US.

When my co-digiscrappers bought their DSLR cameras, I also dreamed of having my own but I need to save up bec. it was a bit pricey. With my patience and determination to buy my 1st DSLR, I bought myself a Canon Rebel Xti last Nov. 9, before my birthday as a birthday gift to myself. I was really so happy and excited to use, I even brought it in Australia when I had a vacation there this year. I was able to practice my photography skills there but with a novice like me I still have many things to learn. With so many brands and specs of digital cameras in the market today, anyone can have digi cams nowadays. It doesn't matter if it is a point& shoot cam or a DSLR, what matters most is that we can capture the memories. Like what professionals say, shoot, shoot and shoot and that is where we will master this art.

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