Wednesday, August 6, 2008

: Road Widenings :

I have noticed lately that there are so much going on in our streets these past few days and it turned out to be the road widening project of our government. This aims to widen the road so that motorists will have a little convenience while driving. You see our streets were already too narrow, residents nearly occupied the roads that is suppose to be for the vehicles. Right now, DPWH is starting to clear the sidewalks and repairing the streets.

The 15m mark is still up and i guess all the towns here in our province will be affected. All those establishments or residence that will pass by the 15m mark will be destroyed or disassembled clearing way for the widening. I reckon this is a good effort of the government and i have seen in Pasig they are doing the same. Hopefully we can have lesser traffic and clearer sidewalks in the near future, they just need to implement it.

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