Monday, August 4, 2008

: Top 10 Classic Pinoy Expressions :

What a nice time to laze around last night bec. of the weather, it was gloomy and raining and very conducive to being lazy. I was flicking around the channels with my remote control when I suddenly stopped at QTV11 and my fave show “Ang Pinaka” (The Most) was being aired. I hurriedly got a pen and paper and jotted down their lists about Top 10 Classic Pinoy Expressions. I was watching with my mom on the living room and how’d I wish we had a big screen LCD TV with a nice LCD mount so we’ll have more entertaining time to watch the show.

Anyway, the show was engaging and we were laughing when they showed some examples. Here are the top 10:
1. SUSMARYOSEP – short for Hesus, Maria and Joseph. Often used when we are shocked or amazed at a situation. Ex. Susmaryosep ka naman bakit mo ginawa yon?
2. GRABE – popularized by Ruffa Gutierrez - I often used this expression myself. Ex. Grabe naman ang traffic.
3. KUMUSTA? – this does not necessarily mean that you are really asking about someone. Ex. Hello, hapon na wala pa ang gamit natin, kumusta na yon?
4. NAKS Naman– used when you are amazed with something or you wan to compliment someone. Ex. Uy naks naman, may bagon syang sapatos.
5. APIR – it’s like giving HIGH FIVE- when you approve of something. Ex. Aprir tayo, pareho tayong nakakuha ng mataas na grade.
6. CHARING – when you don’t believe someone is telling the truth. Ex. Alam mo ang ganda ganda mo…. Charing!
7. MA at PA – (Malay at Pakialam ko) – Ex. Ma at Pa ko sa mga artistang deny ng deny.
8. WALASTIK – Ex. Walastik naman tong Internet ko ang bagal ngayon.
9. BOLA – Ex. Nawalan ako ng 1 million.. hehe bola lang.
10. AH EWAN – Ex. Ah ewan ko sayo, bakit d mo maintindihan ang instructions.
Isn’t this fun? I am sure you have used one or many of these expressions in your daily lives. Can I know what are those?

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