Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Learned How to Reformat a PC :

It's Sunday today and instead of going out to the malls, I decided to reformat 2 computers here at my net cafe since it is loading quite slow already maybe bec. of some virus. I am so glad that my nephew Karlo taught me how to reformat a pc bec. I have saved a lot bec. I don't need to pay a technician to do that for me. I never thought that reformatting a pc is just easy, you just need to follow the instructions. Good thing is that while he was teaching me, I am jotting the steps.

I have successfully reformatted 1 pc as of now and I have already downloaded YM, the MSoffice, the free antivirus and other software that is needed to make it work. Geezz.. it's a bit of a work but i saved myself some extra money hehe. Actually owning a net cafe, I must learn how to do that and troubleshoot so that I will not just rely on my technician. My sister in law meanwhile learned how to change the belt in the CD rom which got stuck. Hmmm I guess we are going to be lady technicians ehhhh ???? hhehehe. Have a great Sunday everyone !!!
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