Friday, August 29, 2008

: Maintaining a Net Café :

Owning a small net café here in our neighborhood has it’s ups and downs. It is always nice to have lots of customers coming in and renting for couple of hours. The minimum mins. is 30 mins. and of course they can surf till they drop. Mostly my customers were female and in their teens although there are many mommies or adults coming in too using the webcam etc. I am always happy when no one is complaining about the connection, pc slowing down or crashing, or headphone not working but when those troubles arises I need to assist them already.

Just this morning, I reformatted another pc (thanks to my nephew who taught me how to do so) bec. there are lot’s of pop ups. Actually reformatting a pc is quite easy bec. you just need to follow the dialogue boxes and you are set to go. I already saved time from bringing the pc to my technician as well as money. My sis-in-law on the other hand is also trying to trouble shoot the pc that has no power yesterday. She only opened the pc, cleaned it, removed the dust by blow dryer and voila it’s working already. I can say, we can only fix minor problems but changing video cards or other hardware inside the pc are things that we also wanted to learn.

Oh well, at least we already know how to troubleshoot which is also a must if you have a business like mine. Some of the things that give me headache was when my ISP is down and when customers try to change the computer’s setting and installing programs or games in it. That is kinda annoying for me, really it is.

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