Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Busy as a bumble bee !! ngek ..

Oh gosh pretty tiring life hahaha!! Endless chores and stuffs to do (nagreklamo daw o!). Anway, sunday i went shopping with Kat (look at my post below).

Designing: as usual i have not been able to do it lately, i hope TSG will not kick me out of the store for not complying for the 3kits a month in the store. I only just sneak a time to make an element or two. I hope i can finish also the kit that i will be contributing for the Magazine Ads in April.

Earn while Blogging: My other blog JENNY TALKS finally got approved by (binuhay ko lang para sa raket lol), so i have 2 blogs now that i use for accepting paid ads. I also wrote for LOUDLAUNCH and BLOGSVERTISE. I need to keep on writing so $$ will be rolling. hehe. I still need to have my blog's PR up, my SIMPLY JEN blog has PR3 and JENNY TALKS (PR2). I want them to increase so i can get high paying opps.

Lovelife: You don't need to ask (bokya LOL! )

Ngek it's hard to maintain blogs , seriously..have a good weekend everyone, if i don't update this blog often you know where you can find me. ok

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  1. te jen, it's hard to maintain a blog... what more a bf? right? hehehe.

    happy sunday and miss yah! ^_^


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