Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Look who is this?

I was surprised to see my blog JENNY TALKS as a featured blog today at kakaaliw LOL, to think it was only approved yesterday. I hope i am the top earner instead hehe. Anyway if you have time take a peek at my blog.


  1. Oh I saw it Jen kaya lang work ako 2 days ago,so no time to congratulate lol. It's good to see your blog featured. Congrats ha!
    Hope nasa top earners kana soon! Not impossible yan ha. Work on it!

  2. Hello Jen, aba, you are featured sa PPP, congrats! You know, I'll try to do the ppp, na kombinsi na talaga ako...LOL. Thanks so much sa info ha? Anyway, hanga ako sa mga top earners, ganon pala ka laki ang na earned nila, grabe naman, parang impossible kasi online lang at thru blogging pa, saka si Rick di makapaniwala parang too good to be true ano? Si Rick din baka ma one of the blogvertisers na din later...LOL, kakatuwa, but buti nalang din sa kanya kasi stay at home din sya...LOL, using the comp every day/morning siya, ako pagkatapos till night...LOL. Ok ah, till next time. Have a good one!


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