Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday Cravings

Sunday, was church day for us. I heard the 10 am mass with bro and his family at our and as usual we had lunch at my other’s house. We had Chicken with pineapples and Talibubu (Tilapia fish with alagaw leaves). We also had green mangoes and bagoong. The foods were all delicious and all our tummies were filled with delight.

After lunch, they went straight home while I browsed the net for while. I went to the grocery and also bought ripe mangoes. Craving to eat French fries I stopped by Jollibee to buy myself a chicken burger, French fries and coke. My cravings didn’t stop there bec. I also bought some Selecta’s Very Rocky Road ice cream on stick.

I went home and oh my gosh ate them as dinner, boy it was a nice. Gave the other ice cream on stick to mom and niece and nephews. Just watched Tv all night long till 1 am. Watched the Bachelor, PBB and The Hot Chick movie starring Rob Schneider on TV. It was a funny movie so I was laughing all night long hahha. And guess what I woke up very late this morning at 8 am.. hehehe.

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