Monday, March 5, 2007

New Header

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Hi guys, i am getting bored with my Simply Jen header name here so i thought i'd change it since i am already using it for my bravenet journal (my "raket" blog hehe). So i named my blog
"A Slice of Life", where you get a glimpse of my life as a designer, blogger, scrapper and so much more. !!! And i think it is refreshing to see new header in here.


  1. Hi, I like your new header. Was actually attracted by it to your blog. Saw your blog at MyBlogLog, and thinks that your blog's layout esp the header is cool.

    Wish I've got half the talent you have in Scrapbooking. I had always wanted to start one but didn't actually manage it so far. My book is still empty *blush*.

  2. I loved this new header Jen, musta kana tagal ko ng hindi napadaan dito..i link ko tong new blog mo ok....naku busy ka pala palagi ako rin pero I got time to blog hopping ngayon bisita kanaman sa blog ko hah
    You take care.

  3. This... this is... simply... GORGEOUS! I'm speechless! Congratulations! This looks fantastic, so delicate, yet confident, I don't know... all thumbs up! This blog (and especially its heading) have bugged me A LOT!!! :)


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