Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't You Just Hate Clutter?

If you are an OC then probably you’d hate seeing clutter especially at home. Why not? Clutters are eyesore and I reckon if you continuously seeing clutter and dirt everyday of your life chances are your place will be a filthy one because you have no idea what is neat. There are also people who are just lazy to clean up their space or have no time to do. I am not an OC but I don’t like seeing too much clutter and unorganized place as it will destruct me from working properly esp. if I have a cluttered desk or working area.

When you go to any house, we often look around (don’t deny that) and maybe you noticed how neat or messy it is. We are just humans so we see and comment on everything we observed. I have fun looking at celebrity houses and also dream of owning one. Just seeing their furniture and the over all look is simply breathtaking. I know these celebs have all the money in the world to spend for their decors and we can only dream that we can have at least half of what they have. But seriously we can find affordable home furnishingsthat we can always put in our homes. We should not always spend a fortune just to have a nice décor.

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