Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Wish I Have All the Answers

I was at the wake of my highschool friend’s mother last night and there I saw another high school friend after many years. We of course update each other with all the things that happen to us and a question that would never cease from being asked as to me was if I’m already married. Though I’ve been asked about that millions time over and I always answered them no. Follow ups like why and if I don’t like to get married were the next questions.

I tried to answer all their questions and I just hope I can have all the answers in the world to satisfy all their curiosity. Surprisingly I didn't get upset anymore when being askedI must be used to it already that’s why. I will not hide the fact that the thoughts of getting married and have it done at destination weddings like in Mexican Riviera have run in my mind. If that will happen I’ll be the happiest girl on earth, the only question is when. I don’t know….

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