Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Wish Right Now

I look at my wrist watch and wow it's 5:34 pm already. Been in the pc since after lunch. Eyes hurting, fingers tightening, feet aching and mind just losing focus. I must be tired I guess. The TV is on, my mom is watching an afternoon celebrity gossip TV show while here I am working hard but having fun while sharing some posts for you all.

From time to time, I am standing, walking and even stretching, I need to do that or else I'll have stiff neck and aching joints. Yay, I guess you must have experienced sitting for a long time doing your computer stuff. It's always good to have a break for a while and have a rest. All I think right now is soaking in a warm bath, (wish I have one of those convenient walk in tubs), candles lit and just be there for few minutes. I know I will be rejuvenated after that. Ahhhh..

Tonight I also wanted to watch TV till midnight because there are times when I have to give up my TV time with my work. Yay.. I'll be heading home in few more hours so I can't wait for that.

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