Thursday, August 27, 2009

When Drivers Turned Reckless

It's almost 9:00 pm when I was able to get a jeepney on my way home the other night. The rain started to fall but luckily I have my umbrella. Looks like it's gonna be another rainy evening where one time I was almost soak when I got off the jeepney. Oh boy, I was not mistaken because as soon as I boarded the rickety jeepney the strong wind and rain suddenly fall.

I am hoping to go home as fast as I can because I still need to look into the free seo services that I saw which I needed for my blogs. The jeepney was jam packed, wet and hot. What else is new anyway? The only consolation that I have is that is has music on so traveling will be quite nice as I have imagined.

I was wrong. As soon as our driver get on his gears we were like passengers on a speeding roller coaster hahaha. I immediately hold on the metal rails hoping that I will not fall at the slightest swerving. All of us passengers are looking at each as if were signaling that our driver was a reckless one. A passenger who can't take his driving style told him to slow down and that's the only time that we were able to breathe normally again. Geez.. this driver can kill in no time. I just wish he'll be good at it next time.

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