Friday, November 21, 2008

:My Camera Bag Shopping:

Oopps, I almost forgot to share this here. FYI, I am now a proud owner of a new Crumpler Camera Bag and what I got was a 6 Million Dollar one. Actually when I saw it, i never let it go, the good thing is that i had my camera that time so I was able to see how it will look like once it is inside of the bag.

Been thinking about Tracy Joy bag too but I have to order it online and it will take weeks for the shipping since it will come from the US so I kinda set aside that bag eventhough it is nice as well. Oh well, you know what I also thought of buying a much cheaper one the Kani bag but i thought that the paddings and the quality are not as good as the Lowepro or TJ or crumpler bags. I have photos of my crumpler camera bag and my mini-review HERE.

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