Tuesday, November 4, 2008

: Weekend Recap:

Saturday: Nov. 1
Around 1 pm we went to the cemetery to visit the tomb of my dad. The weather was gloomy but at least it did not rain and it spared us from walking in a muddy cemetery. We bought lotsa food like spaghetti, carbonara, siomai, siopao, bibingka (sticky rice), vegetable salad, fruit salad w/o the cream. Gosh, we are just so full eating all the time bec. there's not much to do.

The kids enjoyed getting the melted candle wax and it reminds me of my childhood days when I use to do that also. My teenage nephews and nieces had an endless chitchat and they while playing their home made playing cards. Most of the adults passed the time talking about scary stuff and other things and that includes cheap auto insurance bec. in no time it's our registration once again. Wish we are complete (family) so we'll more fun times with our chitchats. I also brought my DSLR but I didn't have lots of photos taken while there and there's not much to shoot anyway.

A mass was held at the cemetery's circle but of course it was noisy and there are too much destruction, we weren't able to concentrate.
We are glad that it didn't rain, we stayed there till night around 6:30 pm. It was still tiring eventhough we just ate and make chit chats in the cemetery.

Sunday: Nov. 2
Went out with my 2 niece to the mall to shift into my shopping mode but I end up buying nothing much actually. Gosh I had a burning and aching feet bec. of too much walking. Ate at Yellow Cab in Robinson's Galleria after 10 million years of thinking what and where to eat.

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