Friday, January 4, 2008

What's keeping you busy these days??

Hello peeps, how are you all? I know that almost all of us are back to work now while the kids (esp those at the public schools) have gone back to school after the holidays. I one felt oh so lazy after the holidays and my body still feels it's Christmas lol.

I have a good start of the year, my online business is doing ok but not like when i started it almost a year ago (mahina na lalo sa triple p site hehe). I am still happy that i have been given a chance to get lots of opps before bec. i have saved a little and i have bought some gadgets (pc, dslr etc.) and other stuff for myself and my family. It is a great help i can say, sabi nga nila "strike while the iron is hot". Right now, i still have my net cafe business but i already given up my x-stitch business ever since the crosstitching fad has faded.

I am also busy accompanying my balikbayan niece Micah from shopping and other stuff (dakilang alalay hehe)... I am also busy prepaprin' for my overseas trip. What about you what's keepin' you busy lately, care to share?
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