Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Recovering deleted files

Some of us have tons files that keep on my hard drives just like me and when we saw that our HD are almost full we try to delete some of the files to get rid of them. Oh well did it ever occurred to you that the file you have just chuck in the bin is so important bec. you have emptied your recycle basket already? It happened to me before and I hated myself for doing that. Even if I become angry at myself I have no more choice but to accept that it is gone already.

If only I have known the Undelete software that I found at www.file-saver.comthen I I reckon I’d still recover my files back then. I just read that this software can recover deleted files, photos, and other documents that we have even if we have deleted it for months. I reckon this is a perfect one esp. for those offices that have important files. We can’t avoid being careless in deleting our files so this one can rally save our day.

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