Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Love and Hate tag

Mommy  Yen knows how to tag me eh, thanks for this

1.I love to eat: a cheese cake now yum!

2. I hate to eat: tocho (milk fish with Chinese red something, lol)
3. I love to go: to Australia, I’m going there soon yahoo!!!
4. I hate to go: to the movie theatres
5. I love it when: I have many “ME” time and of course shopping!
6. I hate it when: someone bothers me when I am working
7. I love to see: my sis and her family in Sydney
and my former classmates in highschool
8. I hate to see: my things borrowed and not returned in its place
9. I love to hear: love songs or mellow
10. I hate to hear: loud noises on TV esp. the voice of Judy Ann lol

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