Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Make your DVD player region free

Hiya guys, how are you all today? Just hope you’re having a great day. Anyway, I just wanted to share a great find that I saw online. We all love to watch DVD movies right? But don’t you know that there are times when the DVD won’t play especially if they come from a different region? Say for example those in region 1 (US and Canada) can only use DVDs of that region, while those in Region 2 (Europe) are stock with their region.

I just read that there is a way where you use your locked region DVD, all you need to do is to unlock it to make it a region free DVD player. Isn’t that cool? Those in different regions can now use those cheap DVDs. But how? Well you can get a DVD unlocker software at where they have over 1500 DVD region free codes. This is a great find for sure

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