Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Brrrrr cold

Hello peeps thanks for dropping by my blog and trying to know  how am i doing here at the Land Down Under.  I am doing great even though I am cold most of the times. The weather is gloomy since i arrived here on Sunday and it rained yesterday so it was cold. I know you some will laugh at me bec. I am already cold at around 23C (of course i am not used to cold weather that is why). Right now my feet are so cold ...!!!!!

My sis and I went shopping yesterday at Mac Arthur's Square shopping mall while Micah and her friend watched the movie "7 Dresses". The 2 kids (Bianca and Braiden) were at pre-school so we had lots of time shopping. My 1st purchase here since I arrived are 2 blouses (AUS$ 19.75 and AUS$14.50), I stopped converting it to pesos bec. I know it will cost a bit. It was fun strolling the mall (not as huge as Megamall though) and trying to see what's new. There are some great buys esp. the summer clothes, they are having it on sale since winter is coming. They have sales every time they change their season so my sis got some good buys. 

We had late lunch at around 2 pm and we just settle for some Thai noodle soup and fresh spring rolls. Later at night  we called home to check out my mom and our business and it was sad to hear not so good news.

Anyway, i only took some photos i will just share later, I will ask my sis 1st on how can I transfer their m pics on Micah's Mac Book. It's hard when you don't own the pc. I know, i know you already wanted to see how beautiful Australia is so pls. bear with me.

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