Sunday, January 20, 2008

Greetings from the LAND DOWN UNDER!!!!

G'day mate!!!! Hello guys I am already here in Australia!!! Micah and I arrived safely early this morning at Sydney airport around 7:00 am this morning. It was a long and tiring trip. I didn't get a good sleep at the Qantas plane bec. I was uncomfortable and a lady was giggling continuously.

It took us minutes to get our luggages bec. we are at the wrong carousel, lol. I am so glad that we used good luggage sets that are durable enough to withstand the travel. After that, I was able to clear the immigration with ease but they asked me to open my luggage since i declared some wooden decor that i bought. Bro in law Joe picked us up and we went to their house where i will be staying for 3 months. It was really really different around here, fresh air, no traffic, no noise and good food. It's good to be back here again.

We had a brunch here since Qantas didn't served us breakfast (only apple juice) not a good service I can say. I took a nap in the afternoon as i was so tired and had a shower after waking up. We had barbeque for dinner and oh my gosh bro in law served a lot of seafoods (i forgot to take photos!) and we are all full. His uncle and family, and a close family friend was there for dinner.

Anyways, i had a long day, i will just share photos later, I am using Micah's Mac and holy cow, they are very different, i still have to find my way. I will post again soon bec. we will be leaving for a 4 day trip at the beach on Thurs. and i still need to finish some assignements (raraket pa rin d2 kahit bakasyon heheh) See ya guys!!

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