Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Men and their health

Just like women, men also have some serious health problems that bother them or even make them insecure in some ways. One of the sensitive issues men are not so vocal in talking about is erectile dysfunction or plainly called impotence. There are many factors that can attribute to this problem and it needs consultation. You would not often hear men talk about that they are not able to maintain their erection bec. it will bruise their ego and would somewhat affect their manhood for others.

Thanks to dedicated scientist who have discovered some cure for this kind of problem. The evolution of viagra gave hope to men who are suffering with this ailment. In this way, couples who are having some hard time during their intimate moments will not bring some pleasurable encounters. Learn more about ED (erectile dysfunction), how viagra works, it’s side effects and more at 21menshealth.com for they are informative and worth reading. Who knows you might need it too.
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